Thankful Thursday

Before the end of the night, I want to remember everything I’m thankful for:

1. My husband. We celebrated 2yrs of marriage on Tuesday. God has truly blessed me with a man who is equally yoked. He’s everything I have ever prayed for in a husband.

2. Our families. I recently had a death in my family, a young cousin passed at the age of 22. Not only did my whole family come together, but my in-laws were so supportive and sending their prayers to my entire family, as well. It’s amazing how much family love and support can help get us through the hard times in life.

3. Our home. I’m always still so grateful for our house. There’s truly no place like home and because we travel so much I love having our home to come back to. It has become one of my happy places and that’s pretty cool. I never feel the need to escape from home.

4. Our friends. We went to our friends house yesterday for dinner. They made us chicken mole, rice, beans, and carnitas. How blessed are we?? It’s been such a long week, so having someone else cook us up a feast is an honor.

5. My blog is growing. Little by little, but it’s getting better. More importantly, I’m getting better. I’m growing and learning. A little bit better each day. How exciting! Amen!

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday!

1st of all, tomorrow is my birthday! There’s no better time to reflect and count my abundance of blessings than right before the anniversary of the day of my birth. My husband keeps asking me, “what do you want to do for your birthday?” My response, “Nothing, I’m completely happy and good with just being and not celebrating this year.”

  1. My parents will be flying in from Chicago (today) to celebrate my 35th birthday with me. I’m grateful to God that I have the most incredible Mami and Papi. No matter where I’ve lived whether it be in my own apartment in Chicago, San Francisco, and now in Houston, they are always there with me.
  2. My grandmother (Mi Abuelita) will also be with me to welcome another year. She is fighting Cancer and every birthday I get to spend with her is a true blessing. She fills my heart with joy. Thank you, God, for continuing to bless us with her and give her strength.
  3. MY HUSBAND! I couldn’t have dreamed of a more LOVING, KIND, SUPPORTIVE MAN who loves me fully and unconditionally all the time. He wakes me up every single day with kisses. I fall asleep every night in his arms with a smile on my face. Whatever I did to be so blessed in love, I thank God for him every chance I get.
  4. My health. I’m alive. I’m strong. I’m able to do yoga and dance. Thank you, Lord, for your gift of health.
  5. My friends and family who’ve always been there for me. Everyone’s love and support are a gift in my life. I’m so proud of my people who are following their bliss, in whatever fashion it may be. Your courage to be true to yourselves inspires me. Thank you, for putting your love out into the world.

I’m happy. I’m blessed. I’m Thankful!

Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday!! How are you doing today?

I’d like to share a couple of things I’m thankful for today.

  1. I decided to go meat-free during Lent. It has actually caused me to think outside of the box for recipes, incorporate different ingredients, and eat more veggies and fruits.
  2. I have the most loving, kind, and supportive husband I could’ve ever dreamed of.
  3. My grandmother made it back to Texas from Mexico, after celebrating my great grandmother’s 95th birthday.
  4. Speaking of my grandmother, I’m thankful she taught me how to cook. I made some rice, beans, and cheese enchiladas last night, that I know she would be proud of.
  5. We got to spend time with new and old friends this past weekend.
  6. I’m continuing to learn about my blog and dedicating more time to making it grow and better.
  7. I’m thankful for our home. It’s just perfect for us.
  8. I’m 8 days away from 35 and feel beyond blessed in life and grateful.

What are you most thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday!

I woke up extra grateful today!

  1. We just spent the last week hosting my inlaws in our home. I miss them already!
  2. We have a home that has plenty of space to have our friends and family visit.
  3. I got to see mi Abuelita, and she looks wonderful and is in high spirits.
  4. We went to mass on Sunday and again yesterday for ashes.
  5. We had a successful 1st Super Bowl party with our friends in our home.
  6. Our awesome neighbors let us borrow extra chairs for our party.
  7. I’m loving the beautiful weather we’ve been having. It’s perfect!
  8. I found paczkis in the Polish restaurant/bakery by our house for Fat Tuesday.
  9. We found out we’ll be having another nephew due in June.
  10. I was able to successfully make a traditional German dinner for my inlaws.
  11. We’ve booked all our hotels for Japan and China. We’re so looking forward to our next great adventure!
  12. It’s my great grandmother’s 95th birthday, my godmother and tia Marcey’s birthday, and my MIL: Mother in law’s birthday today! All wonderful women!
  13. It’s our 2nd familia, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc, Founders Day! 13 Founders, 13 reasons to be thankful today!

Thankful Thursday!

Before the end of the day, I want to give thanks…
1. For a warm home and bed
2. My kind, loving, and thoughtful husband
3. My husband made dinner tonight
4. My health. I’m alive. I’m breathing
5. My grandmother is alive after being diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer and given less than 6 months to live. That was in 2013
6. My ability to read and write
7. Getting to talk to my Mami today
8. I live in a place where we don’t get snow
9. My in laws will be coming next week
10. For my blog and all the new people it’s bringing into my life
What are YOU thankful for today??