Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Did you know today starts the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month? What does that mean? Is the U.S. we have a month that is dedicated to celebrating the history and accomplishments that Latinos from all over Mexico, Central, and South America have contributed to this country. From my family to yours, wishing everyone a Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! What will you be doing to celebrate?


Travel Tuesday!

Greetings, from rainy Minneapolis, MN! We’re currently visiting with my in-laws over the Labor Day weekend we had here in the U.S.


I don’t know about you, but I’m daydreaming of Italy today! Sigh… I fell in love with Rome. Most people know that I consider it the city where I realized I was going to marry my husband. It was our 1st trip together. Besides being a beautifully romantic city, I felt as if I was transported back in time. I was in awe of all the architecture, ruins, and original statues that still remain around the city. Simply fantastic! That’s why for today’s Travel Tuesday, I picked Rome! A Must for any traveler.

5 Wonderful Things You’ll Love About Mexico In The Fall

I love Mexico all year round, but I love how Fabiola has highlighted what to love during the next part of the year.

My Heart of Mexico

Hello, amigos! The summer is over and I am ready to start enjoying one of my favorite seasons- the fall. Mexico is especially enjoyable during the fall, and there are some truly wonderful things going on here from September to year’s end. Here’s what you’re missing out on if you’re not here!

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