Italy : Know before you Go 

I love Frankie Goes to Milano and and all her Italy stories! Check it out…

Frankie Goes to Milano

I’ve now lived in Italy for nearly a year and I have learned many things from my time here, I’ve had some eureka moments, why don’t we do it this way back home? And of course I’ve had some WTF moments were I’ve buckled in laughter. Surely they can’t be serious? The Italians certainly keep my entertained!Italians are extremely kind, lovely, patient people (except when they’re driving, or waiting in a queue or trying to get on/off public transport)With their country, home to some of the most beautiful landmarks and landscapes of the world, there are some things the Italians want us tourists to learn before we visit, and some things I want you to prepare yourself for :

1) There is never a wrong time for pizza, gelato or wine!

And this my friends is why my favourite jeans no longer fit me !


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