Highway to Hana

Hana!!! A little piece of heaven on earth. Thanks to, wedontsitoncouches, for the read. Cheers!


Winding along Maui’s coastline, across bridges, over waterfalls, around hairpin turns, to lookout points over lush greenery and waterfalls is the Road to Hana. Over 50 miles of road that winds from Kahului on one side of the island to Hana on the other side. You could opt to go with a big touristy group or you can opt to rent a red convertible and make the drive on your own. Guess which option my travel companion and I chose.
The drive is certainly not easy, but it can be made in a couple of hours if you’re not the type to want to stop and marvel at the overwhelming beauty at every turn. But…we’re not that type. Armed with cameras (yes…plural), snacks (there’s VERY little to eat on that 5o+ mile stretch), bathing suits, iPhone playlists, Frommer’s guides, TripAdvisor advice, and an inner voice that is always saying “GO”…

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