7 amazing things to do in Lisbon

I can’t wait to visit Lisbon! What a great list from Lucy’s cities!!

Lucy's cities

Lisbon surprises with its lovely atmosphere and warm welcome. Heading there soon? (that’s a greeeeaaaaat idea!) Here’s some amazing things you can do while in Lisbon!

1. Visit Mercado da Ribeira market

Mercado da Ribeira is one of the best things Lisbon has to offer.  Generally, visiting local markets in every city is a unique cultural experience. The market in Lisbon has a large food court where you can taste some amazing stuff – seafood, Portuguese cuisine, croquettes (don’t miss the cuttlefish ink croquette 😉 and many more.


2. Ride tram N28

You are probably familiar with the symbol of Lisbon – the old yellow trams. The cool thing about those trams is that they’re not in a museum, they are used as a public transport in Lisbon, and another cool thing is that one of them –  Tram N28 covers the most iconic and old neighborhoods of Lisbon. So, don’t miss your chance to ride…

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