How a Ugandan lives in the world

What an incredible experience!


Thankful Thursday

Before the end of the night, I want to remember everything I’m thankful for:

1. My husband. We celebrated 2yrs of marriage on Tuesday. God has truly blessed me with a man who is equally yoked. He’s everything I have ever prayed for in a husband.

2. Our families. I recently had a death in my family, a young cousin passed at the age of 22. Not only did my whole family come together, but my in-laws were so supportive and sending their prayers to my entire family, as well. It’s amazing how much family love and support can help get us through the hard times in life.

3. Our home. I’m always still so grateful for our house. There’s truly no place like home and because we travel so much I love having our home to come back to. It has become one of my happy places and that’s pretty cool. I never feel the need to escape from home.

4. Our friends. We went to our friends house yesterday for dinner. They made us chicken mole, rice, beans, and carnitas. How blessed are we?? It’s been such a long week, so having someone else cook us up a feast is an honor.

5. My blog is growing. Little by little, but it’s getting better. More importantly, I’m getting better. I’m growing and learning. A little bit better each day. How exciting! Amen!

What are you thankful for this week?


This time 2yrs ago, we were at the start of our honeymoon at Secrets Maroma Beach Resort In Riviera Maya Mexico. It was divine! With this crappy weather in Houston, I’m just going to stare at these pictures a little longer… where did you spend your honeymoon??


Secrets Maroma Beach Resort


Secrets Maroma Beach Resort


Secrets Maroma Beach Resort

Italy : Know before you Go 

I love Frankie Goes to Milano and and all her Italy stories! Check it out…

Frankie Goes to Milano

I’ve now lived in Italy for nearly a year and I have learned many things from my time here, I’ve had some eureka moments, why don’t we do it this way back home? And of course I’ve had some WTF moments were I’ve buckled in laughter. Surely they can’t be serious? The Italians certainly keep my entertained!Italians are extremely kind, lovely, patient people (except when they’re driving, or waiting in a queue or trying to get on/off public transport)With their country, home to some of the most beautiful landmarks and landscapes of the world, there are some things the Italians want us tourists to learn before we visit, and some things I want you to prepare yourself for :

1) There is never a wrong time for pizza, gelato or wine!

And this my friends is why my favourite jeans no longer fit me !


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Highway to Hana

Hana!!! A little piece of heaven on earth. Thanks to, wedontsitoncouches, for the read. Cheers!


Winding along Maui’s coastline, across bridges, over waterfalls, around hairpin turns, to lookout points over lush greenery and waterfalls is the Road to Hana. Over 50 miles of road that winds from Kahului on one side of the island to Hana on the other side. You could opt to go with a big touristy group or you can opt to rent a red convertible and make the drive on your own. Guess which option my travel companion and I chose.
The drive is certainly not easy, but it can be made in a couple of hours if you’re not the type to want to stop and marvel at the overwhelming beauty at every turn. But…we’re not that type. Armed with cameras (yes…plural), snacks (there’s VERY little to eat on that 5o+ mile stretch), bathing suits, iPhone playlists, Frommer’s guides, TripAdvisor advice, and an inner voice that is always saying “GO”…

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2 yrs of marriage!


Photo credit: Melissa Mercado Photography

We’ve had a million adventures in 2 short years since this day. From moving across the country, job promotions, our 1st home, and all the miles around the world together. There’s no one I’m more proud to walk hand in hand and side by side for the rest of my life with than my husband. Happy 2yr Anniversary! Life only gets better when married to my best friend.