Why You Should Read Your Friend’s Blog

Yes, please! Thank you!

Mindful Still

We all have that friend that writes stuff on the internet. I think they call it “blogging” or some new trendy name like that. Kids these days and their need for self-expression.

Oh, wait, I am that friend.

In fact, if we are social media friends through any outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) you are probably thinking, “Wow, Sam sure does post a bunch of stuff all the time.”

If you have read this far, allow me a few more minutes of your time to explain why you should support a friend in his blogging endeavors? (Or at least ignore them and not let it annoy you.)


1.It’s Free! This seems like a pretty good reason to support your friend. It doesn’t cost you anything and means a lot to your friend.

2.When you click on their link to view their post it increases their views on their site…

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