Business Women: Hard Work & Success + Business Advancement Conference Houston 2016

Girl with an Accent

I would love to start with, “I meet Kiersten on a hot sunny day, as we both sipped margaritas in a Houston Bar” but that wasn’t the case.

I meet Kiersten via Twitter. That is one of the things I love about Social Media; It connects people together. I meet Kiersten one day as she approached me via Twitter to tell me about her Business Advancement Conference. Soon after that, we meet for a coffee and since then we have worked together in a few projects between Kindred Communications and Houston Latina Bloggers.

I could tell from the day I meet her that she was a strong, confident, hard working woman with ambition and dreams, and I made it my mission to help her in any way I could – because business women, have to stick together.

Let’s talk! I asked her. I wanted to write a post that not…

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