Thankful Thursday!

I woke up extra grateful today!

  1. We just spent the last week hosting my inlaws in our home. I miss them already!
  2. We have a home that has plenty of space to have our friends and family visit.
  3. I got to see mi Abuelita, and she looks wonderful and is in high spirits.
  4. We went to mass on Sunday and again yesterday for ashes.
  5. We had a successful 1st Super Bowl party with our friends in our home.
  6. Our awesome neighbors let us borrow extra chairs for our party.
  7. I’m loving the beautiful weather we’ve been having. It’s perfect!
  8. I found paczkis in the Polish restaurant/bakery by our house for Fat Tuesday.
  9. We found out we’ll be having another nephew due in June.
  10. I was able to successfully make a traditional German dinner for my inlaws.
  11. We’ve booked all our hotels for Japan and China. We’re so looking forward to our next great adventure!
  12. It’s my great grandmother’s 95th birthday, my godmother and tia Marcey’s birthday, and my MIL: Mother in law’s birthday today! All wonderful women!
  13. It’s our 2nd familia, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc, Founders Day! 13 Founders, 13 reasons to be thankful today!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my friend over at Wonderlost came up with this great list.


Vday.pngWith Valentine’s Day around the corner I wanted to share some ideas for fun and affordable gift ideas for the travel lover in your life. And if you’re not into Valentine’s Day, these could be given as a gift (even for yourself) any time of year!

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Married to a Traveler

Early on in our relationship, it became apparent, I was going to have a lifetime of adventures with this man. From an early age, my husband has had a wandering spirit. Why does this matter in a marriage? Because if you happen to marry a man like mine, know that his wanderlust will never end. Being married to a traveler means committing to his traveler’s lifestyle. Are you ok with that?


Our 1st trip together in Rome, Italy. May 2012


One would think that I would get used to the unexpected booked trips, but after four years, this man still surprises me. I never know where or when we’ll be headed to next. It’s an amazing privilege. I’m not complaining. However, there are things that have to be taken into consideration when you become a traveling couple.


Engaged and in NYC! My 1st time there. Oct 2013


First, if and when, you’ll have children? How will those children affect your traveling lifestyle together? Can you afford to have children or a child and travel? Do you want to have children and travel? Where can you go with children? All of those questions should be discussed pre and during marriage often.

Second, be clear about where you will and won’t go. It’s important to always be considerate of your partner’s boundaries while traveling together. That even includes something as simple as to stay in a hostel or a 5-star hotel? Everyone has a different level of necessities while traveling. Safety is always the most important consideration wherever you go in the world together.


On our honeymoon in Mexico. Tulum, MX May 2014


Third, something people don’t realize but, is important finances. Who is financing all of these trips around the world? How will you budget as a couple or individuals for travels together? Do you split the costs of everything from restaurants, accommodations, activities, transportation, airfare, etc… If the man you’re traveling with pre-marriage expects you to share all the cost, chances are probably during marriage you’ll still split the expenses. It just might come out of a joint account, instead of an individual account by then.


With our tour guide leading the way in Machu Picchu. Nov 2015


If you marry a man with a wandering spirit, know that moving is always an option. Moving countries, moving cities, just might become your normal. That is a deal breaker for some relationships, especially for someone who plans to have and raise children near family. Can you live far away from your families? This needs to be discussed at length and agreed upon before marriage.

Life married to a traveler means expect random text messages during the day about airfare deals he can’t pass up, like our most recent NYC purchase. He got those tickets before I could even respond.

Life married to a traveler means don’t be too surprised that when you wake up in the morning, he has already looked at deals to places online and purchased tickets before lunch, like our most recent purchase to Japan and China.


On the train in Barcelona, Spain. Oct 2012


Life married to a traveler means always expect the unexpected.

Life married to a traveler will be fun.

Life married to a traveler will be full of challenges that will help you grow as a person.

Life married to a traveler will take you to places you never dreamt was possible.

Life married to a traveler will never be ordinary.


From my 1st trip to San Francisco. I had no idea how my life was about to change.


Life married to a traveler will also turn you into a traveler.

Are you ok with that?