Meat-Free Zucchini Spaghetti

How many of us grew up eating fish on Friday’s during Lent? I’m here to add something new to our meat free Friday’s.
One of my favorite meals to make is zucchini “pasta”. I usually make it with turkey meat. However, I’m going completely meatless during Lent. I’ve had to alter some of my recipes. Servings: 2-4 Prep Time: 30 min or less. The most time spent is in chopping.


Hard to believe these beautiful veggies are going to fill us up, but I promise it does.


Chop up the green pepper, red pepper, and onion.


Saute it all together in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.


My favorite kitchen tool is this here: Veggetti. You can pretty much find these things anywhere nowadays. It’s a must!


Look at all that fabulous zucchini turned spaghetti. Low carb and filling.


Add all that delicious zucchini to the same pan. Add garlic, Italian seasoning, red pepper for added spice (optional) and drizzle with more extra virgin olive oil.


Saute it all together over a low to medium flame and mix it all up.


Add some fresh parmesan. We enjoyed it with fresh bread. No seriously, my husband bought it fresh from the bakery on his way home from work. Hallelujah, for fresh bread! My husband enjoyed it with a bottle of Chianti. I’ve also given up wine during Lent. Is it almost Easter? Enjoy! Buen Provecho!

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