Happy Valentine’s Day

Last year, I was CRAZY!  I admit it. It was our 1st Valentine’s Day as a married couple. I asked for it all. I asked for everything from flowers, cupcakes, chocolates, etc… and my husband delivered. I’ll never do that again.

This year, I actually told him, “no flowers” on one of the most anticipated flower filled holidays of the year. We’re not making reservations for any kind of fancy dinners, nor have I requested any chocolates or cupcakes this year.

I don’t know why last year, I got so caught up in the hoopla of it all. Perhaps, because it was our first year as Mr & Mrs. Whatever it was, I’m over it this year. The truth of it all, we celebrate our love often. We don’t have children, therefore, date nights are pretty normal for us. My husband does a wonderful job at surprising me with sweet treats and flowers regularly. I’m well taken care of and appreciated, as is he throughout the year.

I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day because it’s a wonderful way to show and share my love with friends, family, and my significant other.  It’s an actual holiday dedicated to love, how wonderful! This Valentine’s Day, I’m actually thinking about keeping it low key. We’re going to visit a friend in the hospital. Then, we have brunch plans with a new group of friends.

I’m a bit more realistic this year than last. I’d really like it to be about what we can give to others this year. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, expensive, or even in a heart shaped box. Maybe, call an old friend and wish them well. Donate a little more to a local church. Donate clothing, food, or even blood. Perhaps, offer to babysit for friends who don’t get to get out as much. Volunteer for your favorite charity or animal shelter. There’s plenty of ways to celebrate and share the love this Valentine’s Day. The world needs more of everyone’s love. As always, I wish you love, peace, and continued blessings. Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. The Nueva Latina says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! This year instead of getting a gift I asked for card making supplies and I wrote Valentine’s cards to family and friends I don’t see often.

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