Thankful Thursday!

I woke up extra grateful today!

  1. We just spent the last week hosting my inlaws in our home. I miss them already!
  2. We have a home that has plenty of space to have our friends and family visit.
  3. I got to see mi Abuelita, and she looks wonderful and is in high spirits.
  4. We went to mass on Sunday and again yesterday for ashes.
  5. We had a successful 1st Super Bowl party with our friends in our home.
  6. Our awesome neighbors let us borrow extra chairs for our party.
  7. I’m loving the beautiful weather we’ve been having. It’s perfect!
  8. I found paczkis in the Polish restaurant/bakery by our house for Fat Tuesday.
  9. We found out we’ll be having another nephew due in June.
  10. I was able to successfully make a traditional German dinner for my inlaws.
  11. We’ve booked all our hotels for Japan and China. We’re so looking forward to our next great adventure!
  12. It’s my great grandmother’s 95th birthday, my godmother and tia Marcey’s birthday, and my MIL: Mother in law’s birthday today! All wonderful women!
  13. It’s our 2nd familia, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc, Founders Day! 13 Founders, 13 reasons to be thankful today!

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