Team JP Viva Las Vegas

I haven’t been to Las Vegas, NV, in a long time. Since, President Obama was 1st elected president, in 2008. I used to go at least once a year in my 20’s. Now, on the verge of 35, my husband and I, have been discussing places we’d like to revisit together. Las Vegas has always come up on our list of places. He hadn’t been in 4 years. So, we booked a trip for January. I wanted to see Jennifer Lopez’s, “All I Have”, Las Vegas residency.


The only pre- show picture I took, before the show at Planet Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez, “All I Have” Las Vegas Residency.


My husband got us tickets for her show. We were able to see J.Lo, on her opening weekend in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. She is the ULTIMATE Vegas showgirl! Her show is glitz, glamour, sexy, and 90 minutes of non-stop dancing. I think she’s the perfect fit for a Las Vegas show and does not disappoint. She had 10 costume changes. She had JaRule come out as a special guest. She even sings a beautiful song dedicated to her children. If you happen to be in Las Vegas, while J.Lo is in town her show is worth the Vegas experience.

Along with concerts and parties to be enjoyed in Las Vegas, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the food there. Las Vegas has become the new celebrity chef restaurant capital of the world. We made reservations at “Carnevino” the Italian Steakhouse, by celebrity chef Mario Batali.


One of the most exceptional steaks I’ve ever had in my life, since Argentina! “Carnevino”, takes pride in their meat, and you taste it when it melts in your mouth. This steak didn’t stand a chance between us both.ย 

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, win big at the tables or happen to be passionate about food, especially steak, this is a perfect choice.


We stayed at The Palazzo. All of the rooms in the hotel are suites and extremely luxurious. It’s also connected to The Venetian. Between both hotels and casinos, there’s plenty of entertainment and food to be enjoyed. We ate an epic breakfast at the French-inspired “Bouchon”, by world-renowned Thomas Keller. We also enjoyed the Southern food atย “Yardbird Southern Food Table & Bar”, we ate there twice. Sooooo goooood!


The Las Vegas bakery of “Carlo’s Bakery”, be prepared for long lines at any time of the day.

I even stood in line for almost an hour, just to get a cannoli at “Carlo’s Bakery”, made famous by the TLC show, “Cake Boss”, and everyone’s favorite baker, Buddy Valastro. Would I do it again? Probably not. The cannoli was good, but I’m not a fan of waiting in long lines for food.


We survived our 1st Vegas experience together! Team JP Viva Las Vegas!

I have to admit going back to Las Vegas, in my 30’s and married, was different than all my single girl trips in my 20’s of years past. For the first time in Vegas, I didn’t get too drunk, wake up with a hangover, or go to a club. It was Fabulous! Times may have changed, I may have changed, but Las Vegas is always a good time!

20 thoughts on “Team JP Viva Las Vegas

    • Umm… Yes! I’m sure she signed a deal with the devil, bc she’s hotter than ever and shakes and dances the whole time! You just leave in awe of what this 46yr old woman is capable of. Loved it!

    • Lindsay, it’s not! It’s funny, bc my husband and I, both have been to LV multiple times in our younger years. Lol! They were filled with crazy drunken stories. This time, was def not, and we both had a Wonderful, fun, and delicious time. There’s something for everyone.

  1. I love Vegas! People don’t realize there’s so much more to do then get drunk and gamble…actually I’ve never even gambled in Vegas. I love the shows, walking the strip, seeing the natural scenery, and on my bucket list is taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. This post really makes me want to go back to Vegas!

  2. I’m sure JLo is awesome live; she is such a great dancer. 10 costume changes?! Wow! Vegas is one of those cities that I definitely have to return to as well every few years. Next time I go will also be my first time in my 30’s! Thanks for sharing your trip!

    • Yeah, when we started dating, my husband had just gone to Vegas 4x in 1yr! Crazy! I know. So, he need a break. 4yrs later, and we were ready to go back and turn up! Well, as much as a 34 & 36yr olds can. Lol!

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