Amigas, who needs them?


Photo credit: Melissa Mercado

I do! As I admit, I’m one of those girls that proudly proclaims, “I married my best friend”, and suggests everyone should, as well. With that being said, I don’t ever mean to downplay the importance of my girlfriends.
I spent a Fabulous 30yrs of my life as a single gal. I’ve spent a good 20yrs maintaining friendships, as far back as elementary school.


Do you know what happens in 20, 15, 10yr relationships between women? I’ll tell you; we cry together, fight together, make up, curse men together, mend our broken hearts together, stay out past curfew together, share secrets, dream big together, start new careers, travel to new places together, hold one another’s hair back, go through embarrassing trendy styles together, celebrate job promotions, career changes, welcome new life partners, 1st homes, and babies together.
Where would I be without my community of women? Who would I be without them? Would I be the same person? I may have married my “best friend”, but I realize I am the best woman for him because of all my best amigas. You’ve all helped to shape the woman I’ve become. There is no way to thank the girls who’ve always been there for me, supported, challenged, and asked me the hard questions in life. You all have allowed me to seek my truth and happiness. My only wish, we continue to grow together.


Thank you, for being the true Sunshine in my life.

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